Timber and Tricky

Trucks, timber and tricky terrain: why Scania is the answer for Transports Rancon

It takes a special kind of truck to transport over 50 tonnes of timber from a felling site to the sawmill along a hilly forest road – especially with a crane with a 10-metre boom in tow. That’s why Aurélien Rancon of Transports Rancon has invested in a Scania R 650 V8 specially adapted to his needs.

High in the hills of the Haute-Loire in southern France, Aurélien Rancon, director of Transports Rancon, is delicately picking up 16-metre logs one at a time, and stacking them onto the trailer of his Scania R650. The whole process is apparently painless – like any job when carried out with the right tools. And Rancon is more than satisfied with his truck and Palforet crane; for his 22-tonne V8 is strong and reliable, the crane has a grappling hook that means business, and both obey his every command.