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All over the world, policymakers are currently introducing ‘technology-neutral’ support schemes and regulatory frameworks to support the transition towards new energy sources, such as solar energy, and to encourage innovation and the development of novel technologies. Today, solar energy has reached a highly competitive cost level and is a viable renewable energy source alongside wind and hydro power.

Thanks to a continuous focus and investment in technology development and manufacturing processes, photovoltaic system technologies have taken several major leaps forward to reach today’s level of efficiency and cost competitiveness. This is true for all components from PV modules to solar inverters.

The solar inverter and the integrated insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) power module have been subject to significant attention and technological development. The IGBT power module plays a significant role in photovoltaic systems as it inverts the direct current coming from the sunlight directly into alternating current to be fed into the power grid. Voltage systems in solar applications have now reached 1500 V compared to 600 V less than a decade ago.


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