Pumps used as turbines

Energy efficient in forward and reverse mode

Are you looking for an economical way to generate energy with low investment and operating costs? Or do you need a standalone plant for a self-sufficient energy supply? Or perhaps you are even thinking of a small pump storage power plant?

ANDRITZ pump operating as a turbine

When running forward, an ANDRITZ centrifugal pump contributes to energy savings and conservation. By operating in backward mode, the pump becomes a mini-turbine that can generate a very healthy ROI by recovering and generating electrical power. ANDRITZ pump-turbines are an economical alternative, compared to the cost of buying and operating a conventional turbine. They operate, for example, as recovery turbines in pulp and paper mills, in small hydropower plants, and supply energy to mountain refuges and forest lodges. Thereby, the transport various media ranging from drinking water, residual and waste water as well as pulp suspensions.

The pump-turbine for energy recovery is best applied in situations where high-pressure is needed in one part of the process, but no longer required afterwards. Typically in these installations, the pressure is reduced with a relief valve and the energy stored in the high-pressure fluid is lost. The ANDRITZ pump-turbine efficiently recovers this “lost” energy and generates low-cost power from it. For more information on our pump-turbines please have a look at our brochures in the sidebar or contact us directly.